What happened to my life!



me:  i’ve decided that loki needs to court steve
    like a cat
    brings him disgusting gifts and leaves them in awkward places
pigeon:  …I’m okay with this on so many levels
me:  shows up inconveniently and demands to be petted
    embarrasses him in front of the other avengers
pigeon:  kfjhgjhfkghds AHHAAHAHAHA YES
me:  wants to be let in to avengers mansion
    then wants to be let out again
pigeon:  ikfgjhfjkds yes
    oh my god
    wants to be petted then immediately snubs him
    won’t let anyone else touch him except the people who hate him
me:  sits on tony’s stuff
    hisses at thor
    thor is like ;_;
pigeon:  yessssssss :<
me:  loki’s like
    i came here to see steve
    who are you again
pigeon:  hahaha right
me:  i just need loki leaving dead things at steve’s doorstep
pigeon:  all proud of himself
    and annoyed when Steve doesn’t thank him properly
me:  steve gets rid of the dead things
    so loki decides he needs BIGGER dead things
pigeon:  oh god, he leaves a dead thing and they think it’s some kind of threat
pigeon:  meanwhile Thor is like, this is a rite of courtship :T
me:  so many awkward conversations
pigeon:  big weird dead things
    ahahhaahah omg

There is something about this that just tickles me on so very many levels.

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